About Matthew Albert


Matthew Albert is an attorney based in Buffalo, New York. He has driven activities at the Law Offices of Matthew Albert Esq. since 2015, a position that involves work as both a criminal defense and animal and civil rights attorney. As one of the nation’s preeminent animal rights legal professionals, Mr Albert has managed significant civil rights claims in state and federal courts. In addition to his prosecution work, Matthew Albert founded Against All Oddz, the nation’s first animal law and rescue sanctuary.

Matthew Albert studied human services as an undergraduate at the University at Buffalo. He continued his education at Syracuse University, earning a master of arts in journalism. He subsequently returned to the University at Buffalo, graduating magna cum laude with his juris doctorate.

A few of Mr. Albert’s interests range from hiking to writing poetry. He also trains dogs and supports other animal rescues, as well as philanthropic organizations such as NYS Citizens Against Puppy Mills and Educatabull, a pit bull rescue.